Cancellation & Refund Policy

At Tour Services Inc, we do not offer refunds on any of our tours after they have departed. Prior to tour departure, participants have the option to purchase a cancellation protection program through our partner Travel Insured International. A cancellation protection program may have already been purchased on your behalf. For more information on if you have a cancellation protection program, what it covers, and how to get one please contact us. If a tour participant cancels and does not have the cancellation protection program, they will not receive a refund of any funds paid towards the tour. 

Cancellation Protection Program Cost

Specific cancellation protection program prices vary from tour to tour and can be found in the tour contract. Your tour contract can be obtained from your school or hosting organization. 

Waiting Lists & Tour Overflow

In the event that a tour is currently full when you sign up for the tour, your name will be added to the waiting list in chronological order that it is received. If room on the tour becomes available, you will be added to the tour and notified by Tour Services Inc via the contact email you included. If space does not become available by the time the tour departs, all of your funds will be refunded including any funds paid towards the cancellation protection program.

Cancellation of tour by Tour Services Inc.

In the event that the entire tour is cancelled by Tour Services Inc, all funds paid towards the tour including the additional fee for the cancellation protection program (if purchased) will be refunded.