What we offer


Public tours are tours that are open to anyone and everyone in the general public. We have operated thousands of public tours all throughout North America. For these tours, we pick the absolute best of the best including our favorite sites, attractions, and local treasures. We offer these tours all for one simple price. Go to our sister company to browse all of our upcoming public tours.


A private tour is a tour that we manage for another organization, such as a school, a company, or any group of people affiliated with the hosting organization. Tour Services Inc began creating educational tours for schools. Today, we have expanded our services to include tours for students, seniors, corporate events, church groups, sports teams, and the list goes on. Scroll down to learn more about all we offer!

What we can do for you


If you already have a trip planned but need a bus, airfare, tickets to an event, a place to stay, or somewhere to or eat, give us a cal! We have connections and partnerships all over North America. We know what vendors to use and which to avoid. Even during times of high demand, we have been able to find accommodations for our customers.


On the other hand, many of our customers have full-time jobs and do not want to organize their trip. Let us worry about booking your transportation, hotel, meals, attractions, and everything else. We will work with you to make a custom-tailored tour and handle all of the headache involved. Click here to reach out to start planning your next trip!

Some of our favorite problems to solve.

  • The Office Party: If you have a holiday party set and need transportation for your employees, we can work with our partners and set up shuttles. On top of that we can do your office parties, all of it. We have some ideas and unique venues to make an unforgettable office party.

  • The Last Minute Bookings: Your track and field team is going to state! The competition is being held 7 hours away at the other end of the state and you need to get them all there and find a place to stay...in the next two weeks. Give us a call. We are not omnipotent, but we have a great track record (pun intended).

  • The Family Reunion: Your family reunion is in a couple of months and 3 states away. You are put in charge of getting your whole extended family to the reunion and finding everyone a place to stay. We can make a monumental task, for the average person, simple and easy. It is literally our day job.

  • The Wedding Planner: You are getting married in a few months! A lot of guests are coming in from out of town and they do not have cars or a place to stay. We can set them up at a hotel and put together a shuttle to and from the hotel to the various events. Also, if they want to see some of the sites while they are in town, we can put together a fun and relaxed tour for them.

  • The Educator: You want to do a tour for your middle school/high school/college/elementary school/band/extracurricular club or organization, but you have a full time job and do not want to or do not have the time to manage all the moving parts of your tour. This is our bread and butter. We got our start in this demographic and some of our original customers are still our customers. Whether you know exactly what you want or your tour is still in the idea phase, we can help you pull it off flawlessly.

  • The Holiday Planner: New Years Eve, Christmas, Halloween, or any holiday under the sun is coming up. You want to do something unforgettable with your friends and family. We do tons of public tours for all the major holidays, but we also can do all of our public tours as private tours if your group is large enough. Whether you desire a haunted Halloween in Salem, MA or want to watch 4th of July fireworks from a top the John Hancock Observatory, we can help.

  • The Skier: You love to ski and snowboard and are part of a local ski club. You want to set up a day trip to one of the local ski hills in the Midwest for your group, or maybe you want to travel a little farther to some of the resorts in the Rockies or Appalachian Mountains. We can take care of transportation, lodging, meals, equipment rental, lift tickets, and any leisure time activities you might want.

  • The Photographer: Beauty is everywhere, but some locations are truly spectacular. One of our specialties is doing photo walks in the Chicago area and Northern Illinois, but we also have many photography and site-seeing themed tours in some of the most picturesque locations in North America. Just like all of our tours, we can take care of everything and bundle it into one simple price.

  • The Snow Bird: Winter in the Midwest is cold! Sometimes you wish you could be like the birds and fly south even just for a little break. Whether it is your friends and family, a senior association, a church group, or really any group at all, we will work with you. We know of several amazing resorts in some beautifully warm locations.

  • The Individual: You do not have a group, but a lot of the options we offer sound like fun. That is alright, it is why we offer public tours. Click here to see what we have on the horizon, sign up, and enjoy.